We are fast approaching one of my favourite times of year – Spring. As I write this blog for you on Spring Wedding Inspiration, I have a vase of gorgeously bright daffodils smiling at me and I thought before the season arrives in full, why not share some inspiration with you of what you have to look forward to! Spring is about colour, pastels, bright waves of yellows and peachy pinks – what’s not to love about this time of year, and that’s not to mention the delicate blossom that will soon line the streets. Little baby lambs in the fields (obviously visible from your beautifully placed marquee, yurt or teepee in the Yorkshire Dales!) and a general optimism that the UK weather system may have some rays of sun to offer this year. Go on, indulge yourself….

Just to start you off – How lovely do these cupcakes look? Topped with edible pansies!Spring wedding inspiration showing a cupcake with an edible pansySpring wedding inspiration showing a peony table arrangement

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